Hypnotherapy For Bruxism By Ursula James

Developed by Professor Ursula James especially for bruxism sufferers.

Ursula James, Professor of Clinical Hypnosis at Robert Gordon University Aberdeen, is the premier hypnotherapy practitioner and teacher in the UK. This CD is a unique program that can help address both the causes and the consequences of bruxism.

Hypnotherapy is a well documented approach to dealing with bruxism. This hypnotherapy program has been developed specifically for bruxism sufferers. The program works by inducing a relaxed state of mind and awareness of the condition and goes on to help address the underlying causes, which may include complex and deep seated emotional and physiological factors. For many people, listening to the CD is enough for them to break free from the habit.

Teeth protection: Although it can be used on its own, the CD can also be used in conjunction with a SleepRight dental guard. In this case, the bruxism sufferer can protect their teeth at the same time as dealing with the underlying causes. You wear the SleepRight dental guard every night for three weeks whilst listening to the CD just before going to sleep. The hypnotherapeutic suggestions are designed to:

  • Help you reduce habitual clenching and grinding
  • Eliminate the underlying problems that caused your bruxism
  • Deal better with stress triggering your problem
  • Help you cope more effectively with life in general
  • Gives you back your confidence and ability to be more positive

Ursula James is a Visiting Teaching Fellow at Oxford University Medical School, and honorary lecturer at Barts and The London Medical School. She is also a Patron of Anxiety UK and the National Centre for Domestic Violence.

Ursula has introduced hypnosis training to medical schools around the UK, including Oxford and Cambridge. She has written the first textbook for medical practitioners of clinical hypnosis (The Clinical Hypnosis Textbook published by Radcliffe Press) and has helped thousands of people overcome phobias, rid themselves of unwanted habits, and optimise their performance through her unique fusion of hypnotherapy and coaching.

A regular on TV and radio, she also writes for national magazines and recently hosted her own TV series, Sex, Lies and Hypnosis on Channel Five, where she works with couples to improve their relationships using hypnosis. She has two self-help books: "You Can Be Amazing: Transform Your Life with Hypnosis" and "You Can Think Yourself Thin". She is currently conducting a PhD research project in bio-medical science and psychology at London Metropolitan University.

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